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Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Presents VIVA MOMIX

Aspen District Theatre – Tue Sep 6, 2022 8:00 PM

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Presents: VIVA MOMIX
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Levity and lightheartedness will be on full display with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s presentation of the mind-bending, ever-popular MOMIX. Founded by the enigmatic Moses Pendleton and not seen in Aspen for a decade, this unparalleled troupe is celebrated around the world. The company will perform its signature work, VIVA MOMIX. A unique theatrical experience for the whole family!

“Pendleton brings beauty, mystery, emotion and uproarious fun to the table” -The Philadelphia Inquirer

Made possible through the generosity of Elisha & Jeff Zander and Soledad & Bob Hurst


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